A thorough assessment for an efficient, safe, and fully personalized program

Getting to know my clients and understand their body inside and out is my first priority.  
Two physically alike healhty individuals with similar objectives, fitness 
backgrounds, and nutritional habits will not
necessarily be trained the same way.

The assessment typically lasts 2.5 to 3 hours and covers the following issues:

  • client's goals and objectives
  • attitude towards exercise (current and previous fitness practice, likes and dislikes...)
  • lifestyle review (amount of time at work, type of work physical or sedentary, sleeping pattern, traveling, amount of time available for training...)
  • health history and current medical or physical conditions (heart rate, blood pressure and postural control, review possible cardio-vascular risks...)
  • nutritional assessment (nutritional habits, possible food related problems, estimation of basal metabolic rate and average daily caloric intake...) 
  • anthropometric evaluation (height and weight ratios, determine body composition, fat percentage, body mass index, ideal proportions...)
  • fitness tests (measure aerobic capacity and cardio-respiratory endurance, test strength, muscular endurance, determine preponderant muscle fiber type, test flexibility, joint mobility, balance and coordination...)
The assessment continues over the preliminary 2 or 3 sessions during which I get to know you and your body better and how it reacts to the stress induced by exercise and then recuperates. This allows me to fine-tune your program and its intensity to keep it challenging but at the same time fun and safe as you progress toward your goals.


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