All the following rates are for INCALLS (training in my private gym).
A surcharge of $30-50 per session will apply for outcalls depending on the time of training, your location (home, office, hotel), and parking facility.

We accept cash and credit cards. Regular clients are welcome to pay by check. cc


The initial 2 to 2.5-hour assessment consultation is $200.

Rates decrease with the frequency of training and payment option (pre-purchase of 12-session
packages - package validity = 12 weeks/6 weeks/4 weeks). Sessions are 50-60 minutes.

$ per session 1/week 2/week 3/week
1 session 75 70 65
1 package of 12 70 65 60


A fun, affordable way is to get in shape with a friend providing your goals are somewhat similar as each session is designed to meet the needs of both participants.

You still get a lot of hands on attention while working out in a friendly atmosphere.

$ per group session 1/week 2/week 3/week
1 session 120 110 100
1 package of 12 110 100 90


Suitable for all fitness levels, this is an intense cardio workout circuit training style including calisthenics, agility and core training, and stretching as cool down.

A perfect way to start the day under the sun in front of the ocean.
Beach workouts are organized upon demand and require a minimum of 8 people.  Come workout at the beach and bring a friend. Send an email to register.

Drop-in rate: $20 per class. Classes are only $15 if you purchase a package of 5.


A 30-day long fitness program to jump start your weight loss, revamp your nutritional habits, start you on an exercise program and ultimately show you the path to a healthier and leaner you.

The clinic is not meant as an accelerated weight loss program, making you lose tons of weight that you will regain shortly after and leaving you exhausted and famished. Rather it is conceived to make you understand weight management and to give tools to continue on your own toward long-lasting goals.

Once over, I will be happy to continue monitor your progress, support you and answer your questions by email.
  • full assessment including body composition analysis and nutritional assessment  (Visit our page to learn more about the assessment.)
  • individualized fitness program
  • nutritional strategy and monitoring during the entire clinic
  • 2 or 3 private sessions per week depending on your current fitness level
  • email and telephone support
To be cost-effective I organize individual or group clinics (maximum 3 persons). In all cases the initial 2.5 to 3-hour long assessment session is individual.

$ per person  
2 sessions/week 900
3 sessions/week 1,200


Ideal for traveling clients who do not want to miss a workout, or who do not have the motivation to do it alone, I offer training sessions through Skype. Although it may not be as effective as working out face to face with me, it is a safer way to train under the guidance of an expert.
The fee is $45 per session.


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